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News Flash

Oct 29 2014 - DVR is recording 24/7. Had a nice Mrs Owl visit the other night. (see youtube) The roof is in the open position, still record an occasional bee visit.

Jun 17 2014 - No recent Boo sightings. Octo-Box is ready to go up into the tree. Special thanks to all of our supporters that made this possible.

Mar 5 2014 - Boo the owlet jumps into 'Branching Phase' (End of Ustream)

Feb 7 2014 - This seasons photos

Jan 31 2014 - Owlet has hatched!

Jan 30 2014 - Owlet has made a small opening and can be heard peeping. 

Dec 30 2013 - First egg is seen at 3:40am. http://owlguyz.blogspot.com/ We hope to stay online 24/7 till the end of the season.

Nov 2013 - After a summer of camera additions and lots of 'scaffold' time, we are ready for the 2013/14 Owl Season.

Built in 2014 for the next season, this eight sided design is inspired by our love of the owls.

Barred Owls are large owls that go by many names. Swamp Owl, Hoot Owl, and Wood Owl just to name a few.

We are lucky enough to share our space with a pair of Barred Owls that have grown to tolerate us. They seem to feel secure nesting within 30 feet of our house. We try to respect them and don't have any pets or domestic animals to complicate their life.

Over the years you will see we have recorded their life in various ways including written logs, video and stills. We enjoy their calls and visits. This site is an attempt to share that joy.

We hope to expand this content as time goes on.